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Tens of thousands of teachers in schools around the world have embraced the World's Children's Prize as a way to teach about the rights of the child and democracy.

The World’s Children’s Prize Program starts November 15 and continues until May 2018.

Millions of participants
There are so far more than 70,000 Global Friend schools in 116 countries. You are one of around 50,000 teachers who get involved every year, making it possible for your students to take part in the World’s Children’s Prize. 

The primary goal is to contribute to a more humane world, where the rights of the child are respected by all, and where each new generation grows into ’global citizens’. Students at all schools that have registered as Global Friend schools are welcome to participate.
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Training tens of thousands of teachers
Through their involvement with the World’s Children’s Prize, tens of thousands of teachers and representatives of organisations receive training on the rights of the child and democracy, and on methods for dealing with these subjects.

Learning about Children’s Rights
Every year the children decide, through a Global Vote, who should receive the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. 7.1 million children voted in the last Global Vote. It marks the climax of a longer programme of study. Before the prize is awarded, several million children have learned about the rights of the child and democracy, gained new faith in the future, and had a chance to make their voices heard on the rights of the child.

Child Rights Fact Sheets
Find your country’s child rights fact sheet and more on our resources page.