Children’s Press Conference Ghana
All you need for the press conference

Are you holding a World’s Children’s Press Conference at your school. Find links to all the information you need below! Some links will become active when we get closer to the end of the WCP Program, in April 2017.

Download film clips here for your World’s Children’s Press Conference here!

The zipped folder, aprox. 280 MB, contains:
• A short clip about the World’s Children’s Prize and the Global Vote
• Short presentation films (circa 3 minutes) of each candidate
• A loop with the WCP logo against a background of blue sky that you can show in between the other videos. 

Download the film clips. 

You can also view the videos on our Youtube channel – please subscribe to get the latest updates! If you have trouble downloading the clips, please contact us at

Download fact sheets

IThe Candidates 2017

Short facts on the World’s Children’s Prize

Om WCP-programmet


More on the Candidates on the web site

Rosi Gollmann

Manuel Rodrigues

Molly Melchingi

Media photos
You will find links to photos that you can use, and forward to the media here.

Child Rights facts
Find the fact sheet for your country here