Lisa on the podium in front of WCP logo
Lisa Bonongwe
Lisa represents children who fight for girls’ rights. 

Lisa Bonongwe, 18, Zimbabwe

When Lisa was four, her father drank and beat her mother almost every night. Sometimes until she was unconscious on the floor. When Lisa cried and shouted at him to stop, he chased her and her big brother out of the house. 

“We had to sleep on the veranda, even in the middle of winter when it was freezing,” she says.

When she was seven, her mother threw her father out and Lisa joined the Girl Child Network girls’ club at her school. They teach girls about their rights.
“At the girls’ club, we talk about things that are important to us. Girls aren’t safe at all in Zimbabwe. We are abused and raped, and we have to do all the housework. If there isn’t enough money for everyone, it’s always the boys who are allowed to go to school.
I help organise meetings and demonstrations for girls’ rights.”

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