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You have the right to complain!

A new international regulation gives children the option to complain to the United Nations about violations of their rights – like violence, being exploited or being discriminated against, if a solution cannot be found in their country.

Thanks to this, you and children like you can:
• Take your case to a UN Committee made up of 18 independent child rights experts called the Committee on the Rights of the Child. These experts know a lot about children’s rights and come from all over the world. 
• Ask the Committee on the Rights of the Child to tell the people working for your government how they can respect and protect children’s rights. 
• Get the UN to take notice of the violations you or other children suffered. 

How can this Protect Your Rights?
If the Committee on the Rights of the Child finds that there was a violation of children’s rights, it will make concrete recommendations and give advice to the government in the country where the violation happened.
   These recommendations will name certain things that the people working for the government can do to provide a remedy, or solution, to make sure this violation of children’s rights will not happen again. 

Here are some things you can do:
• Tell your your friends, in your school, in your club or organisation, that they have the right to make a complaint, and explain what it is about and why it matters to you;
• Share information and provoke discussions on the Internet and via social networks;

This information comes from the campaign to Ratify OP3. Learn more  at The videoclip comes from Save the Children in Spain.