Portrait of Railander
Railander Freitas

Railander represented children who live/work on the street.

Railander Pablo Freitas de Souza, Brazil represented children who live/work on the street.

“My stepfather often used to hit my mother. We also received threats because he had debts with drug dealers. Sometimes my mother had to pay them off instead of buying food for us.

When I was eight I ran away from home and started living on the street. I stole everything I could and sold it for food and everything else that I needed. At night I slept outside a bank in the city centre, under a piece of tarpaulin. I was often scared at night.
   My friend taught me how to smoke marijuana. I smoked more and more and used other drugs too. I stole watches, jewellery and sunglasses and other things in the city centre.

Finally my mother took me to Circo de Todo Mundo (Everybody’s Circus) where children like me learn to do circus tricks. I lived in their home and went to school... What street children need most is love.'