Voting in ice ballot box
The WCP Program step by step

The World’s Children’s Prize Program educates and empowers children as humane changemakers. They stand up for the equal value of all, the rights of the child and democracy. The program, that has reached close to 40 million children, is implemented annually by children for children, with the support of teachers.

Learn more about the WCP program here. Below we give a brief overview of the different steps. 

1. The World’s Children’s Prize Program starts

The program kicks off when the three Child Rights Heroes who are candidates for the prize are announced. Many schools organise their own opening ceremony, where they introduce the candidates and raise awareness of child rights.

2. The rights of the child and democracy in your country
To what extent are the rights of the child respected in the students’ own lives, and in your country?
> More about the rights of the child

3. The rights of the child and democracy in the world
The students learn about the jury children and about how the world’s children are doing
> More about the Child Jury

4. Meet the Child Rights Heroes
Learn about the three Child Rights Heroes who are candidates for the WCP, and the children they fight for, through their life stories.

5. Global Vote Day
Support your students in organising their own democratic election, creating everything from posters and ballot boxes to appointing vote counters and election officials. On your school’s Global Vote Day, the children vote for their Child Rights Heroes! Celebrate with a party and some performances. Report your results for all three candidates to the coordinator in your country if one is available, or in the ballot box, by or email.

6. World’s Children’s Press Conferences
On the same day all over the world, children reveal the results of the Global Vote. Your students can hold a school assembly or invite local media representatives to a press conference, to reveal the voting results and demand respect for the rights of the child.

7. The WCP Ceremony and World’s Children’s Prize Evening
The WCP Program ends with the WCP Ceremony at Gripsholm Castle in Mariefred. You can organise your own World’s Children’s Prize Evening and show the video from the ceremony.
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