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Different ways of supporting us!

Contribute to children learning about their rights and democracy – empowering them to demand respect for those rights. At a cost of only one US dollar per child, that is a smart investment in the future. 

So far, more than 38 million children have been empowered through the World’s Children’s Prize program, including in war torn D.R. Congo, where children are forced to fight as soldiers, and in remote communities in Nepal, where girls are exploited by human traffickers. In addition, we support more than 40 Child Rights Heroes in their work for some of the world’s the most disadvantaged children. 

• For 10 USD, 10 children can be empowered for rights and democracy. 
• For 25 USD, 20 children can be educated and empowered 
• For 30 USD, most of the children in a small village school can be educated and empowered.
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The WCPF has a ‘90-account’ regulated by Svensk Insamlingskontroll, (Swedish Fundraising Control) that monitors charitable fundraising in Sweden. The WCPF has also been given the highest possible rating by Charity Rating’s Giver’s Guide