Valiant standing on a baseball field
Valiant Jones

Valiant represented vulnerable children in segregated cities.

Valiant Jones, USA, was a member of the jury from 2000 to 2002, representing vulnerable children in segregated cities.

It is past midnight when Valiant hears shots outside of his house in East Los Angeles in California,USA. Val, as his friends call him, lives in one of the city´s most violent areas.

Val and his friends are not gang members. But the next morning when two of his friends knock on the door, they say:
   – They shot Robert. He´s dead.
   Robert, 12, was Val´s friend. He was only standing talking to a boy who was in a gang when another gang came by and shot them both. Val has attended many funerals, but Robert´s funeral is one of the saddest he has experienced. It is the first time he has cried at a funeral.
– I will never join a gang and I want to help other children to stay away from gangs.