Girls talking in Nepal

WCP Child Rights Ambassadors

Tens of thousands of children and youth around the world have been trained and empowered as changemakers to become World’s Children’s Prize Child Rights Ambassadors. Most of them are girls. They also train teachers, local leaders, parents and the media on child rights, especially girls’ rights. They stand up for the equal worth and rights of all people, now and in the future

Takudza standing outside looking serious

The majority of the WCP Child Rights Ambassadors live in fragile, conflict-ridden states. Children formerly exploited as soldiers, slaves or in the child sex trade are empowered and in turn empower other children.


Tough trek for Child Rights

Fourteen-year-old Naw Klei Tha Paw and her friends have spent several tough days hiking through the rainforest-covered mountains of Burma.

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The child rights boat on its way

In Cameroun, Ebude travels to poor and isolated places to teach children about their rights.

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We fight for girls’ rights

I feel ashamed when I see how boys and men treat girls and infringe their rights,” says Rafico, Child Rights Ambassador.

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From slave to Ambassador

Bora was kidnapped by soldiers and used as a slave. But now, she is free and a Child Rights Ambassador.

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Kim told her headmaster off

Kim wanted to start a Child Rights Cluyb at her school. Her headmaster said no but she would not take no for an answer...

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Child Rights in prison

I was a member of the Nice Time Kids gang in my neighbourhood. I grew up with gangsters.

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