Girls talking in Nepal
WCP Child Rights Ambassadors

Tens of thousands of cildren around the world have been trained and empowered as changemakers to become World’s Children’s Prize Child Rights Ambassadors.

Many of the children and youngsters who’ve become Child Rights Ambassadors have themselves experienced violence, abuse and extreme injustice. They learn about their rights and about how life is for girls in their country and all over the world.

Watch this film clip of some of the first World’s Children’s Prize Ambassadors that were trained!

All children have the same rights
The rights of the child apply to all children. But many children around the world still suffer violations of their right every day. Girls are especially vulnerable. Many more boys than girls are able to go to school, have enough to eat, play, and go to the doctor when they are ill. That’s why the World’s Children’s Prize and its partners train children to be Child Rights Ambassadors and fight for equal rights for all children, with a special focus on girls’ rights. Why not become a Child Rights Ambassador, form a WCP Child Rights Club at your school and change your community and the world with us!

Important and fun
You can become a Child Rights Ambassador by spending time studying The Globe and child rights facts about your country and the wider world. Once you know lots about the rights of the child, you can join with a few friends to start a Child Rights Club. In the club you can combine having fun with doing something vitally important. You can implement the WCP program together and get more cihldren involved. Once you get going, you can invite more friends.