two girls reading the Globe
The WCP in the classroom

Every year at least 50,000 teachers use the WCP program in their teaching plan, in many different subjects from maths to social sciences to music and art. They use practical, fun activities that impart knowledge and engage students in a new way.

The stories in The Globe magazine are the key to your students’ enthusiasm and willingness to learn. It’s important to give the students time and space to read and absorb the stories. The reading experience gives them the chance to imagine and identify with other children’s life stories. When they read about how the Child Rights Heroes fight for a better world, and about children whose lives have been transformed, the students will feel hope and want to get involved. Teachers say that even children who don’t usually manage to read long texts often become engrossed in the stories in The Globe. You can also read aloud in class and discuss and reflect on the texts together. Remember that your students may need some support to deal with the thoughts and feelings that the stories provoke.

The WCP in many subjects
is often used for interdisciplinary projects, in lots of subjects simultaneously. Of course, it is also possible to use the WCP program in individual subjects. Here are a few examples.