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Action cards

Make the most of the commitment awakened among students by the WCP Program. Get them to choose an issue that they feel strongly about, and then consider how they themselves can make a difference, and what action would be most effective.

1. Get the students to consider what issues they want to work on. It can be something they have come across through the WCP Program, or a local issue.

2. Copy and cut out the action cards. Give each pair/group one set, or make your own “action cards”. They can work in pairs, in groups or individually.

3. Get the students to rank the actions based on which they believe are the most effective. They can also add their own actions or rewrite/amend the existing ones.

4. Bring the class back together and ask the learners to talk through their thought processes.

Use these action cards, or make your own.
> Download a worksheet


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