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Thinking exercise about the Global Goals

How can the world achieve the Global Goals by the year 2030?

Bwami and his mum outside their house

Chains of Cause and Effect

What are the causes of the problems and challenges that the Child Rights Heroes are trying to solve? A whole class task, in which everyone helps identify causes in a discussion about how different factors can combine and create negative chains of cause and effect.

The Child Jury standing together outside

One child, several rights

A creative collage exercise that highlights the reality behind the articles of the UNCRC through children’s own life experiences.

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First encounter with the Rights of the Child

So what is the UNCRC actually about, and what does it mean if a country has pledged to follow it?

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The Problem Tree

Identify causes, effects and solutions linked to various challenges and problems

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Rights & responsibilities

It’s important to know one’s own rights to be able to respect the rights of others. How are children treated in your local community?

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Action Cards

Harness the enthusiasm generated by the WCP Program and enable participants to discover how they themselves can make a difference.

Children in Gambia discussing

Help from the expert groups

A method built on cooperation and support from friends.

A man and two animals in a house.

Breaking the cycle of poverty

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which partly aim to eradicate poverty, cannot be achieved unless children’s rights are respected.

Two small boys and a man in a fishing boat

Problem tree about slavery

Identify causes, effects and solutions linked to modern day slavery - children being exploited as slave labour, sometimes as debt slaves.

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Global Goals & Child Rights

How the UN Global Goals are connected to Child Rights

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Step 8: Round the Globe Run for a better World

A manifestation for Child Rights and the Global Goals.

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Step 4: The Global Goals

Explore the UN Global Goals of Sustainable Development.

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You and the Global Goals

Exploring issues relating to the Global Goals.

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Peace & Changemaker Generation

A 100,000 children – a whole generation– in and around the national parks Gonarezhou in Zimbabwe and Limpopo in Mozambique are being educated through the Peace & Changemaker Generation project,

Phymean Noun, Cambodia.

Phymean Noun, Cambodia

Phymean Noun grew up during the genocide in Cambodia. Today, she fights for the rights of vulnerable children, especially their right to an education.

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How are the worlds children

All countries that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child have promised to respect the rights of the child. Yet still, violations of these rights are common in all countries.


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