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Children in line holding signs

The Opinion Line on gender equality

How equal are we in our class and school? Find out using a classic exercise.

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Talking Chips

Talking chips as a method provides a structure for group dialogue, conversations and discussions that helps pupils express themselves and participate on equal terms.

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If I were a Child Rights Ambassador

Children and young people in some of the poorest and most violent countries in the world are being trained to be WCP Child Rights Ambassadors. How would your pupils carry out the job of being an ambassador?

Children in line holding signs

You me Equal Rights

Inspiration from stories about children’s collective struggle for gender equality.

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Children in line holding signs

Step 2: You Me Equal Rights

This step is about girl’s equal rights. Be inspired by girls and boys who are fighting for equal rights for girls. Learn about the issues and how you can create change in your local communites and in your country.

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The Globe

An educational magazine with facts and stories from around the world.

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Convention on the Rights of the Child

Convention on the Rights of the Child, simplified version.

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Step 2: You Me Equal Rights

Quick guide to step 2 in the WCP Program.

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Xadreque fights for girls

“I had to start by changing my own behaviour and begin helping my sisters and respecting their rights,” says Xadreque, Mozambique.


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