Children standing with signs saying No Litter Generation
Join the No Litter Generation

This is how you and your friends can join the No Litter Generation!

Things for you and your friends in the No Litter Generation to do

Look at where you live:
• Do you have good systems for dealing with waste?
• What problems are there when it comes to waste and litter?

Make suggestions and changes:
• What suggestions do you have to tackle littering?
• What suggestions do you have for solutions to deal with waste and litter?

• Who makes the decisions about the waste system where you live? Meet the people who are in charge and share your suggestions.
• Tell everyone where you live about why littering is bad. Encourage them to help create a litter-free school, street and village, and offer tips on how to do it.
• Plan how the No Litter Generation can work to reduce littering even when it’s not No Litter Day.
• Collect ideas on how to reuse litter.
• And of course, don’t drop any litter yourself!

Your gift is empowering