Child Jury
Learn from the Jury Children

Let your students learn about the world and the rights of the child through ‘experiencing’ the life stories of the World’s Children’s Prize Jury Children.

Let your students work in pairs or individually and link the Child Jurors stories to different aspects of human rights and global challenges.
    The Child Jury represent other children and child rights issues around the world through their own life experiences. The jury includes girls and boys from disadvantaged groups, like children who have been forced to become soldiers or sex slaves, who have been affected by environmental destruction and refugee children.

‘The stories have changed the way I see things forever. I never knew about the suffering of children in other countries before.’ Thabiso, 18, South Africa

Find the connections
Let your students work in pairs or individually and link the Jury children’s stories to different articles in the UN Convention on the Right of the Child and/or to the United Nations Global Goals for sustainable development. They can make mind maps or write short essays about how articles and/or different global goals are connected to different aspects of the juror’s lives.

Jury member Ndale

Liberated child soldiers in DR Congo, like the jury child Dieu-Merci, burn their military uniforms.

Let your students discuss how they themselves can take small actions in their everyday lives that will also contribute to increased respect for children’s rights and/or to the fulfillment of the Global goals?

Meet the Jury Children


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