Spès and children in a classroom.
Recount and listen

1. Recount the content from a story in The Globe to the students, in your own words. Explain that the text describes one or more problems that have a solution. Also discuss the fact that some texts may relate something about a country’s history or culture, what the children like, their dreams and interests. The fact that all the stories have a core and a message. Ask the students to consider what they think that is in the text you have just read.

2. Pair up the students, who can choose, or be assigned, a text from The Globe.

3. The pairs of students first read the text themselves. Then they talk to their partner about what they thought were the most important events and what the message of the story is.

4. The students take it in turns to practise retelling their text in their own words to their friend.

5. The pairs split up and form new groups with four students in each. They then relate their stories to one another.

6. Assemble the class and get the students to report their conclusions to one another.


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