Step 5: Child Rights Heroes & changemakers

Meet the Child Rights Heroes and the children they are fighting for. Learning about the candidates, their organizations, and the children whose lives have been changed through rights-based work is engaging and inspiring.

The aim of this step is for the students to develop an understanding of global issues and how one can bring about change. They discover that things can get better and that people can make a difference.

Explore the issues
The Child Rights Heroes deal with many important issues, including:
- Children who grow up in war
- Children forced or tricked into becoming soldiers
- Children who are homeless or growing up in an orphanage
- Girls exploited in the child sex trade
- Children from minority groups/marginalised groups

Let your students explore and discuss these issues through the stories in The Globe and online, and try to identify causes, effects and solutions for different issues.

The Global Goals
Explore which of the United Nations’ 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals can be linked to the nominated Child Rights Heroes. Are some issues perhaps connected to several of the goals? In what way? What action are the Child Rights Heroes taking to help the world achieve these goals? What can the students themselves do?

- Stories about the nominees and the children they fight for online and on 20-105 in The Globe
- Watch film clips here:
- Test your knowledge in a Quiz

‘They are great people of the world who have fought for the truth... brave enough to fight for the rights of children. It encourages others to stand for what they believe in.’ Enanga, 16, Cameroon


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