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Step 8: Round the Globe Run for a Better World

On any day before the end of 2020, your school can arrange the Round the Globe Run for a Better World – a manifestation for the Global Goals for Sustainable development and Child Rights.

Now it’s time for your pupils to share their new-found knowledge and demon­strate their commitment via the Round the Globe Run for a Better World.

What happens on this day?

Children in schools all round the world who have taken part in the WCP program will show their support for the rights of the child and the Global Goals. Once the children have presented their demands, they will form a human chain that is as long as possible, fingertip to fingertip. The chain, which symbolises the start of the children embracing the globe, will then turn into a three-kilometre walk or run.
   Set aside circa two lessons in which children will:
   • Present their demands for change in the form of posters, banners and speeches, perhaps also on social media!
   • Form the longest human chain they can, fingertip to fingertip.
   • Run or walk three kilometres.

Preparations for 1 April, with pupils improving their knowledge, writing speeches and making material relating to the Global Goals etc., will, of course, take place alongside the other steps of the WCP program.

Running feet

Invite the community

The children can invite parents, local organizations, politicians and the media to experience the historic moment when they embrace the globe along with millions of other children, and present the changes they would like to see in terms of respect for children’s rights and the fulfilment of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. They can, of course, also share their message via social media.


Report back on the number of children that took part, so that WCP can add upp the number of turns around the entire globe the millions of children have collectively walked or run for a better world. Report the number of children to your local WCP contact. If there is no contact for your country, report via email to


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