You and the Global Sustainable Development Goals

Through the UN, the world’s leaders have agreed that everyone must work on many fronts to achieve a better world. They have committed to 17 global goals in order to achieve fantastic things by 2030, including eradicating extreme poverty, reducing inequality and injustice and resolving the climate crisis.

1. Talk about the Global Sustainable Development Goals. Explain that the goals are all interlinked. They impact on one another and it is difficult to achieve one goal without achieving another. If we focus too narrowly on one goal, it can be difficult to achieve others. Consequently, it is important to take a holistic approach.

2. Get the students to read about litter and waste in rich and poor countries, and about debt slave Nisha and garbage picker Sidra in Pakistan.

3. Get the students to work in pairs or groups. They begin by exploring issues relating to one of the global goals, based on the life situations of Nisha and Sidra.

4. The students go on and explore in the same way how other goals are interlinked with the girls’ situation and how the goals impact on one another. They could draw a mind map or cut and paste to illustrate the connections.

Use the table as a basis for the work. It contains questions relating to some of the goals. On the WCP website you can download a table with questions relating to all the goals.

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