Brianna and Netta
Participate in the
WCP Program

The World’s Children’s Prize program is open for all schools in the world and is free of charge.

All you need is to:

> Register your school as a ‘Global Friend’ of the World’s Children’s Prize (it is free of charge).

> Access the materials and resources available online, including The Globe magazine, the Teacher’s Guide, country fact sheets and ballots. Printed materials are available for schools in some countries and regions. Contact us to find out if this is an option where you live.

> Go through the different steps of the program, including exploring child rights and democracy in your country and around the world. Study the life and work of the Child Rights Heroes and children that they fight for, and organizing the Global Vote Day in your school.

> Report the results of your school’s Global Vote in the World’s Children’s Prize Ballot box or to the focal point in your country, if you have one.

Good luck!