World’s Children’s Prize in many subjects

The WCP is often used for interdisciplinary projects, in lots of subjects simultaneously. Of course, it is also possible to use the WCP program in individual subjects. Here are a few examples.

The WCP program gives lots of opportunities for narrative work in different forms. Ask the students to write their own texts, from factual essays to newspaper articles, diary entries and, if possible, entries on social media. They can also do presentations or make films, posters or comic strips. Some students write and perform short sketches, shadow plays or dialogue pieces building on the articles in The Globe.

Social sciences
Have the students study the geography, nature, history, culture and society of the Child Rights Heroes’ countries. This can be a good way to find some explanations as to why children in those countries have their rights violated. Is it about cultural values, war, poverty, lack of equality, or political will? It is important to also show positive and interesting aspects of the areas and cultures you are studying, so that the students gain a balanced and respectful view of each country and its people.

There is plenty of interesting numerical information throughout The Globe and online. For example, find out how many children go to school, work or live on the street based on the article ‘How are the world’s children?’ in The Globe. Use genuine figures when you calculate fractions, percentages, probability studies, taxes, tables and different kinds of diagrams.

Explore how science impacts both positively and negatively on some of the world’s most pressing challenges, for example access to food and clean water, climate change, energy, health and health.


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