A portrait of a boy through a window.
Window with views
1. Divide the class up into groups of four. Each group receives a large sheet of paper on which they draw a window with five panes. Everyone must have space to write on the paper.

2. Give out individual questions to the groups, and a text to read/film clip to watch from this year’s WCP Program. This could be:
Shaquana in the USA was sold on the street by a pimp. How can the child sex trade be stopped? (p.72 of The Globe)
Brayan began stealing when he was 13 and finally ended up in prison. How can we prevent children committing crimes and going to prison? (p.84 of The Globe)
Dario in Romania could not remain living with his mother. How can more children get to stay and grow up with their families? (p.104 of The Globe)

3. Everyone has a set length of time for reading the text and individual reflection. Then everyone writes at least three suggested problem solutions in “their” pane.

4. The students explain to one another about their respective suggestions, and their reasoning.

5. Finally, the students select the suggestions that they think work best and write them in the middle.

6. The groups present their ideas to the whole class.

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