Four boys with hats and white shirts
You Me Equal Rights

In ‘You Me Equal Rights’, boys and girls fight together for equal rights for girls. What can you do to improve gender equality in your community and in your country.

Through ‘You Me Equal Rights’, you will contribute to fulfilling the UN Global Goal 5. This is about achieving greater equality between girls and boys, women and men. Online and in The Globe you’ll find out more about the vulnerable situation for girls and their struggle for empowerment.

Paxton Fieles and two girls sing

Ambassador for equal rights

“I will stand up for children’s rights and I will continue to use my voice to sing about girls and women’s rights and reach as many hearts and minds as I can,” says Paxton Fieles, You Me Equal Rights Ambassador. Paxton is a singer and winner of South Africa Idol.    “Whenever I speak on radio or television, I make sure to explain what it means being an ambassador. I want women and girls to be treated fairly and be given the same amount of opportunities as men. I believe in equality for everyone.”


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