Children in Pakistan weighing litter
40,6 MILLION CHILDREN have been EDUCATED & EMPOWERED since the year 2000

70,000 schools in 116 countries have got
behind The World's Children's Prize

  • Three amazing Child Rights Heroes are the new candidates for the World’s Children’s Prize (WCP), often called the “Children’s Nobel Prize” by media around the world. Millions of children will learn about their fight for children’s rights, participate in the Global Vote and vote for their heroes.
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  • Today is the start of the No Litter Generation! Millions of children are coming together to fight littering around the world. The global initiative is organized by the World’s Children’s Prize together with Keep Sweden Tidy, to raise awareness about the importance of a clean environment and the UN Global Goals.

  • Want to be a changemaker to make the world a better place? Just like the Child Rights Heroes and children in The Globe. Join the World’s Children’s Prize program (WCP). It kicks off on November 15 and goes on until May 2018. The results of the Global Vote must be reported latest April 16, 2018.
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About us

Want to be a changemaker to make the world a better place just like the Child Rights Heroes and many of the children in The Globe? The World’s Children’s Prize program (WCP) will support and empower you. By getting to know brave Child Rights Heroes and children all around the world, you’ll learn about compassion, the equal worth of all persons, the Rights of the Child, human rights, how democracy works and how to fight against injustice, poverty, racism and oppression. The World’s Children’s Prize program is open to all children and teachers around the world.

The majority of the children involved in the WCP program live in fragile, conflict-ridden states. Children exploited as soldiers, slaves or in the child sex trade discover for the first time that they have rights and are able to make their voices heard.

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