Kids right
Invest in the future

Contribute to empowering children to demand respect for equality, child rights and democracy. At a cost of only one US dollar per child, you are investing in the future. 

So far, more than 38 million children have been empowered through the World’s Children’s Prize program, including former child soldiers in war torn D.R. Congo, girls from Nepal who were exploited as sex slaves. In addition, we have supported the work of more than 40 Child Rights Heroes. 

Your gift goes a long way!
• For 25 USD, 15 children can be empowered for rights and democracy. 
• For 50 USD, 25 children can be educated and empowered
• For 100 USD, often all the children in a village school can be educated and empowered.

More options
> Different ways of supporting us
> Become a Child Rights Sponsor – donate monthly

The WCP is regulated by Svensk Insamlingskontroll that monitors charitable fundraising in Sweden, and is one of 28 organisations in Sweden (of 218) given a clean rating by Charity Rating’s Giver’s Guide, regarding its transparency, democracy and financial standing. (2016)

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