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Become a Global Friend

The World’s Children’s Prize is open to all children and schools around the world. Become a Global Friend-school today – free of charge!

All students in a Global Friend-school, from 10 years old up to the year they turn 18, have the right to participate in the unique WCP Program, and the the Global Vote. Today, more than 69,000 schools with 38,4 million students in 115 countries are supporting the WCP. You who participate gain faith in the future and a chance to demand respect for their rights.

All Global Friends receive:
• A Global Friend diploma 

• The right to take part in the World’s Children’s Prize educational program, including the Global Vote.
• The right to nominate candidates for the World’s Children’s Prize

When possible, you will also receive:
• Complimentary copies of the Globe (the World’s Children’s magazine with stories about the WCP programe, children and Child right Right Heroes from around the world).

To join us and become a Global Friend school or group, just complete our simple form! Please note that children can encourage their schools to join, but it must be a teacher or school leader who registers the school, using our simple form.

Can I join as an individual child?
You should, whenever possible, encourage your school to become a Global Friend-school. However, if you have tried hard to get your school to become a Global Friend but without success, go here.