Bwami and his mum outside their house
Bwami Ngandu

Bwami represents child soldiers and children in war-torn countries, as well as children who fight for the rights of the child. 

Bwami Ngandu, D. R. Congo:  “Early one morning, our village was attacked by an armed group. We fled into the forest, but I was captured along with 170 other boys and we were forced to be soldiers.

The rebels gave us drugs that make us think about killing and destroying. Once we had been trained to use the guns, we were sent to war. Another boy and I were scouts. We walked ahead of everyone and took part in killing. The rebels forced us to capture other boys and make them into soldiers.

Many girls were raped. I was hit by shell fragments in my face and the back of my head. After three years I managed to escape and I found my mother again. Now I go to school and I’m a member of a child rights group. I hate the fact that adults forced me to do terrible things to others.”