Stella is voting
Organize a
Global Vote Day

Before arranging a Global Vote day you will study the Globe Magazine and learn together with your friends about the Rights of The Child and democracy, the WCP Candidates and the children they fight for.

Once you know all about your rights, about the WCP Candidates and got the hang of how democracy works, it’s time to start preparing your own Global Vote Day.

Invite the media
As soon as you've agreed on the date of your Global Vote, you need to invite all the local media to attend.

Secret ballot
A lot of preparation is needed to make sure that the Global Vote is a democratic election, in which voters are guaranteed that their vote will be kept secret. No-one should know who you voted for unless you tell them yourself. You need to prepare:

Electoral register
Everyone who has the right to vote should be on the lists and should be ticked off when they are given their ballot paper, or when they vote.  

Ballot papers
Use the ones you get from the World’s Children’s Prize (here), or make your own.
> Download ballots here!

Voting booths
You can borrow voting booths from the adult’s elections, or make your own. You enter the booths one at a time so that no-one sees who you’re voting for.

Ballot boxes
These can be made out of cardboard boxes, for example, a large can or woven palm leaves.

Prevent cheating
Ink on the thumb, a painted nail, a mark on the hand or face, there are lots of ways to show that you have already voted.

Appoint election officiator, election supervisors and vote counters
The election officiators tick off the names on the election register and hand out ballot papers. The election supervisors make sure that the election, ink marking and vote counting has been done correctly. The vote counters count the votes and send in the results, for instance through the on-line ballot box.