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38,4 MILLION CHILDREN have been EDUCATED & EMPOWERED since the year 2000

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Each year three outstanding Child Rights Heroes are nominated for The World’s Children’s Prize. Their stories, and the stories of children they fight for, are shared with children in schools worldwide, who also learn about child rights and democracy. Once the students have been empowered to be changemakers themselves, they have confidence to make their voices heard and stand up for respect for their rights. With millions of children taking part annually, The WCP Program is the world’s largest annual educational initiative for equality, child rights and democracy. Learn more.

The World’s Children’s Prize program concludes with a unique Global Vote. In schools all over the world, students learn how democracy works and then organise their own election days and vote for their Child Right Heroes. The current WCP Program is ongoing from 16 April, 2016 until 16 April 2017.

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Child Rights Heroes 2016/2017
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