Since 2000 nearly 36,4 million children have been empowered and educated on child rights and democracy. 60,000 schools in 113 countries support the World's Children's Prize.
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Equal rights for girls and boys! »

This girl, World’s Children’s Prize Ambassador from Benin, reminds us that girls and boys should have the same rights and be treated equal. The WCP training program for youngsters to become ambassadors ...

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Mireille is an Ambassador for girls’ rights »

A year ago, Mireille was kidnapped by an armed group in DR Congo and exploited as a sex slave. Today, she’s a World’s Children’s Prize Child Rights Ambassador who fights for girls’ rights. Today, o ...

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2015 Nominees are announced! »

Three amazing Child Right advocates have been nominated for the World’s Children’s Prize in 2015. Phymean Noun is nominated for her thirteen-year struggle for the children who scavenge garbage dumps in ...

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