Flickor leker tillsammans
Girls’ Rights

The rights of the child apply to all children. But still girls are often treated differently from boys. Half of the world’s children are girls, but many more boys than girls are able to go to school, have enough to eat, play, and go to the doctor when they are ill. That’s why the World’s Children’s Prize train girls – and boys too – to be Child Rights Ambassadors and fight for equal rights for all children.

In a fairer world, it’s not only the girls who thrive. Their fathers, brothers, future husbands and sons are better off too. In today’s world, girls do more housework and have less time to play. They are victims of violence more often than boys, and they are sometimes forced to get married when they are still children. It is also harder for girls to make their voices heard and make decisions about their own lives. Do you think that’s unfair too? Why not become a Child Rights Ambassador, start a WCP Child Rights Club, and change the world with us!

Important and fun
You can become a Child Rights Ambassador by spending time studying The Globe and child rights facts about your country and the wider world. Once you know lots about the rights of the child, you can join with a few friends to start a Child Rights Club. In the club you can combine having fun with doing something vitally important. You can implement the WCP program together and get more students involved. Once you get going, you can invite more friends.

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In a Child Rights Club you can:
• Raise awareness of the rights of the child and equal rights for girls.
• Make their voices heard and demand that the rights of the child are respected.
• Make posters and flyers all about the rights of the child and use social media. • Organise competitions and debates.
• Write a play, a poem or a song that helps more people to understand children’s lives.
• Invite local politicians, media, and your families to your school and your Global Vote days.
• Hold a World’s Children’s Press Conference.
• Celebrate the Child Rights Heroes and your rights in your very own WCP ceremony.