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Since 2000 nearly 35 million children have been empowered and educated on child rights and democracy. 59,739 schools in 109 countries support the World's Children's Prize.
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Child Rights Ambassadors leading the way »

We are happy to report that the brave girls who are our Child Rights Ambassadors are gearing up to help girls in Child Right Clubs around the world to organize the WCP Program in their schools, and later h ...

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Celebrate Roma Day »

8 APRIL is the International Romani Day – a day to celebrate Romani culture and raise awareness of the challenges and discrimination facing Romani people. Svetlana from the Czech Republic is one of the c ...

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Victory fights for girls! »

“As soon as I have time to spare I try to read my copy of The Globe", says Victory, one of our WCP Child Rights Ambassadors from Ghana.
At 14, Victory had to get a job loading mussel shells onto trucks ...

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