Boy Voting
The Global Vote

Every year, millions of children around the world arrange their own Global Vote for the Rights of the Child. They come to cast their votes on camels and bicycles, in boats, on foot in snowmobiles or horse drawn carriages. 

In order to vote:
- Your school must be registered as a Global Friend.
- Voters should not be over the age of 18.
- Voters should have studied the WCP Program. Check out the Teachers’ Guide.
- Voters must study The Globe magazine. Read it here.

Organize a Global Vote day
Get pointers from us and other children from around the world.
> How to do it

Ballot papers
Use the ones you get from the World’s Children’s Prize (here), or make your own.
> Download ballots here!

How do we report the results of our Vote?
The results must be reported to the World’s Children’s Prize. Use our online ballot box or email to vote@worldschildrensprize.orgor post to the World’s Children’s Prize, Box 150, 647 24 Mariefred, Sweden.
> Online Ballot Box

Can I vote, even if my school is not a Global Friend?
Ideally, you should participate in the Global Vote through your school or group. If you have tried without success to get them involved, we will make an exception for you. In that case, you have to register yourself as an individual Global Friend here. After that you can cast your vote here.