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Skiing for a better world

In Sweden, schools participating in the Round the Globe Run for a Better World are visited by Swedish Olympians, who talk about the Olympic values and the Global Goals.

For example, the students at Odenslund School in Östersund, Sweden, were joined by Anders Södergren, who is an Olympic gold medallist in skiing, as they formed a long chain on skis for a better world.

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Stella, 11, made a sign saying: Equality Against Forced Marriage

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Laban, 11, made a sign demanding “Gender Equality, 
Girls and Boys”

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Vendela, 11, wants “Gender Equality”.

Take care of the climate

Sofia, 12, and Nike, 12, of Snättringe School in Sweden, took part in the Round the Globe Run for a Better World together with their school friends.

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