Four young Child Rights Ambassadors walk on a bridge across the water.
What we do

The WCP program is one of the world’s largest annual education initiatives empowering children to become changemakers. They stand up for the equal worth of every individual, the Rights of the Child, democracy and sustainable development. The Program is run by children themselves, led by trained Child Rights ambassadors and supported by teachers and school leaders. Circa 46 million children have participated since 2000. Sign up now – it’s fast and free.

Child Right Heroes 2023

Three amazing Child Rights Heroes are candidates in the current WCP program. Go here to learn more.

Become a changemaker

Want to be a changemaker and make the world a better place, step by step? Join the World’s Children’s Prize program (WCP) and get to know Child Rights Ambassadors, Child Rights Heroes and other children all around the world.

Global Vote fp
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Child Right Ambassadors

Tens of thousands of young people around the world have been empowered as changemakers and World’s Children’s Prize Child Rights Ambassadors. They train other children but also teachers, local leaders, parents and the media on child rights, especially girls’ rights.

The Global Vote

Through the Global Vote, you can make your voice heard and help decide who will receive the World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child. You have the right to vote up to and including the year you turn 18. Remember: Nobody else should be able to influence your decision – not your friends, teachers, or parents.

Child Jury members

The Child Jury

The children in the World’s Children’s Prize Child Jury are experts on the rights of the child through their own life experiences as, for example, debt slaves, child soldiers, street children or refugees, or through having experienced other violations of the rights of the child.


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