Girl teaches child rights to village children
The World’s Children’s Prize Program

Do you want to become a changemaker and make the world a better place?Just like the Child Rights Heroes and the WCP Child Rights Ambassadors? The World’s Children’s Prize program (WCP) can help you reach your goal.

By getting to know the brave Child Rights Heroes and children all around the world, you’ll learn more about:

• Compassion
• The equal worth of all persons
• The Rights of the Child
• Human rights
• How democracy works
• How to fight against injustice, poverty, racism and oppression
• The UN’s Global Goals

Girls painting a poster

Be a changemaker!
Take the opportunity to become a changemaker and stand up for the equal worth and rights of all people! You can make your voice heard and influence life where you live, in your country and around the world, now and in the future. Together with millions of other children, you can be involved in building a more compassionate world in which everyone is treated equally, where the Rights of the Child are respected and where people and the planet thrive.

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