Girl teaches child rights to village children
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Young or old, everybody can get involved in the World's Children's Prize. But only you who are under 18 can participate in the Global Vote.

Schools and groups
Any school in the world can become a Global Friend School and thus friend of The World’s Children’s Prize. This gives all children in the school the right to take part in the WCP program, including the Global Vote, from the year they turn 10, until the year they turn 18.
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All humanitarian organisations can become Adult Friends of the World’s Children’s Prize and use the programme. Show the world that you support the children’s rights, and the children’s own unique awards for the rights of the child.
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Companies that wish to support us can become Child Right Sponsors or Child Rights Partners of the World’s Children’s Prize.
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Support the World's Children's Prize and the rights of the child! You can become a Child Rights Sponsor or Adult Friend and donate your gift today!
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People who do good work for the rights of the child, and/or the World’s Children’s Prize, can be invited to become patrons. Our patrons include Nelson Mandela and Malala Youzafzai.
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