Children’s Press Conference Ghana

Nominated Child Rights Heroes 2019

Today will see the announcement of the three Child Rights Heroes who are candidates for the World’s Children’s Prize (WCP). Millions of children participate in the Global Vote and choose the recipient of the prize. The nominees are:
Spès Nihangaza, Burundi, for her 25-year fight for orphaned children who have been severely affected by the AIDS epidemic and a brutal civil war.
Ashok Dyalchand, India, who has been campaigning against child marriage and fighting for girls’ rights for 40 years.
Guylande Mésadieu, Haiti, who has been fighting for 20 years for children who have been forced into slavery, children in prison and children on the street.

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Press photos

Photos of nominated Child Rights Heroes, WCP Child Rights Ambassadors and of children taking part in the WCP Program etc., are available for free in connection with news stories related to the World’s Children’s Prize. Use the password "wcp-press" to download.

Kim speaks at ceremony
Nepali girls painting a sign


The presskit contains bios of the nominated Child Rights Heroes, facts on the WCP Program and more.

About the World’s Children’s Prize

The WCP is the world’s largest annual rights and democracy education initiative for children. Since the year 2000, the WCP program has educated and empowered over 42 million children as changemakers for a better world.

Three girls as polling officers

Child Right Ambassadors

Tens of thousands of young people around the world have been empowered as changemakers and World’s Children’s Prize Child Rights Ambassadors. They train other children but also teachers, local leaders, parents and the media on child rights, especially girls’ rights.


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