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Suggestions for how to work with the WCP program with lesson plans and creative, thought-provoking activities.
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The world in your classroom

Learn how to use the WCP Program in your classroom to strengthen children's knowledge and engagement for children's rights and democracy, and sustainable development.

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Girls showing signs about children's and girls' rights.

Changemaker Day

Children in schools around the world prepare for Changemaker Day. They then make their voices heard and share what changes they want to see where they live, in their country and in the world.


Gaining experiences through authentic stories makes studying feel more meaningful and close to reality. Pair text and visual storytelling with educational activities to strengthen experiences and knowledge.

Girl reading the Globe
Girl speaking to other children

Videos as a teaching tool

Use videos to make complex issues and the stories of children, Child Rights Heroes and Child Rights Ambassadors come alive. Get ideas and methods for using videos in the classroom, and browse videos that spark thoughts and emotions as well as an interest in learning more.


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