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Frequently Asked Questions

Changemaker Challenge is a 10-step course focusing on Child Rights and how to become a Child Rights Ambassador and changemaker in your own life and community. It covers topics ranging from girls’ equal rights to climate change and protection against violence.

  • Children and young people are the main target group for this course. Children can take the course to become Child Rights Ambassadors, and learn about children's rights, democracy, and sustainable development.
  • Youth leaders, teachers and activists can also use this course. They can first want to learn themselves and then become trainers for others. Then they can use the course as the basis for educating and empowering children in, for example. classrooms, study circles, or Child Rights Clubs.

Yes. Certificates will be sent via email or download link.

  • If you are a young person who've taken the course individually, finished all steps and passed all quizzes, you'll receive a Child Rights Ambassador Certificate.
  • If you are a teacher/trainer who've taken the course to strengthen your skills to train children to become changemakers, you will receive a Child Rights Ambassador Trainer Certificate.
  • Finally, if you are a Child Rights Ambassador, a teacher or a trainer who's used the course to train others, you'll be able to report on your course and its participants. A download link with certificates for your students will be sent to you.

The Changemaker Challenge online course has ten steps, each covering a different aspect of child rights. Every step begins with a story about a child whose rights have been violated. Participants are encouraged to relate these stories to their own lives, learn relevant facts, and brainstorm ideas for creating change. Each step concludes with a simple quiz before moving on to the next step. While we recommend following the steps in sequence, it's not a requirement.

Children as well as trainers can share what they've learned with others. In schools, their families, villages and towns. In that way, more children and young people will be empowered to become changemakers where they live.

No, it is free of charge.

No, a fast connection isn't necessary. We've built the course to be accessible even if your internet is slow or if your access to electricity and the internet is unreliable. Most of the course materials can be downloaded to your device for offline use. We use audio instead of videos or high-resolution images, so you won't need a lot of bandwidth. The course is designed to work well on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers alike.

It's a good idea to sign up for an account so you can save where you're at in the course. This way, you can come back anytime and start from where you stopped. All you need to register is an email address.

Yes, but we still require an email address to track your progress and provide support.

We gather information to make the course better for everyone. This helps us know who is taking the course and what they need. Don't worry, we keep your information safe and private. We don't know it's you when we look at the information. And, if you want, we can remove your email from our system after you finish the course.

You should be able to read, write, and understand English. Other than that, you don’t need any specific knowledge or skills to take part in this course.

If you have questions or need support, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

Changemaker Challenge is run by Swedish non-profit World's Children's Prize Foundation with the help of children, youth and teachers around the world. Financial support has come from the Swedish Institute, the Swedish Postcode Lottery, Kronprinsessan Margaretas Minnesfond and Sparbanksstiftelsen Rekarne.