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Course instructions

Changemaker challenge contains ten steps. It is easiest to complete the steps in chronological order, but they can also be completed in any order you like. If you register an account, you can always save your answers and come back at any time to pick up where you left off. This is highly recommended so you do not lose your work! It works like this.

Starter tips

  • Duration: Most steps will take circa 30 minutes to 1 hour or more for a thorough understanding. Feel free to come back over time to finish the course.
  • Account Registration: Sign up to save your progress. Leave and return anytime, picking up where you left off.

This is how you do it

Introduction: Start your journey here.

Each step follows a similar pattern:

  • Audio Story: Listen to a story about a child’s life.
  • Slider Exercise: Reflect on your life compared to the story.
  • Facts Section: Learn key facts about the topic.
  • Image Exercise: Identify child rights violations in your area. Make a comment and share your stories or ideas for change.
  • Quiz: Complete a quiz to pass and proceed to the next step.

Progress Tracking:

  • Completion Button: Click the ‘I’m finished’ button after each section. It turns green to show completion.
  • Check Marks and Progress Bar: Track your progress with check marks in the menu and a progress bar at the top.

Final Steps

  • Conclude with the WCP Program and Changemaker Mission to complete your transformation into a Child Rights Ambassador!
  • Receive your diploma as a Child Rights Ambassador or Trainer.