Collage with pictures of Amar Lal as a child and as an adult lawyer.
Amar Lal, India

On the Jury, Amar Lal represented child labourers, slave children and children who ‘don’t exist’, because their births were never registered. Now, he is a WCP Patron.

Amar Lal was born into a debt slave family. He has six siblings, and the whole family were debt slaves at a quarry in Rajasthan when he was growing up. When Amar was six years old, he was responsible for looking after his younger siblings, and later he began helping his father break stones at the quarry. They used tools that weighed as much as Amar, and it was heavy, tiring work.

With the help of BBA (Save the Childhood), Amar was set free and came to a centre for former debt slave children. He was able to go to school and to fight for poor people’s rights.
   “Now I know what freedom is, and I can dream of a future where I am not exploited. Here, we have the right to be children and to laugh and play”, he said at the time

Amar Lal continued his studies and eventually graduated in law. Today, he works as a human rights lawyer in India and helps vulnerable children who have been violated by their rights.


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