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Become a Global Friend

The World’s Children’s Prize is open to all children and schools around the world. Become a Global Friend-school today – free of charge!

All students in a Global Friend-school, from 10 years old up to the year they turn 18, have the right to participate in the unique WCP Program, incuding in the Global Vote.

All Global Friends receive:
• A Global Friend diploma 

• The right to take part in the World’s Children’s Prize educational program, including the Global Vote.
• The right to nominate candidates for the World’s Children’s Prize

When possible, you will also receive:
• Complimentary copies of the Globe (the World’s Children’s magazine with stories about the WCP programe, children and Child right Right Heroes from around the world).

To join us and become a Global Friend school or group, just complete our simple form! Please note that children can encourage their schools to join, but it must be a teacher or school leader who registers the school, using our simple form.

Can I join as an individual child?
You should, whenever possible, encourage your school to become a Global Friend-school. However, if you have tried hard to get your school to become a Global Friend but without success, go here.

Your donation is doubled