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No Litter Generation

Children's rights are harmed when the Earth and nature is harmed by climate change, pollution, littering and more. But you and other children and young people around the world can make a difference. Through being a No Litter Generation, you can stand up for every child’s right to a clean and healthy environment, and fight climate change.

It is everybody’s responsibility to make sure that children everywhere can grow up in a clean and healthy environment. Countries must cooperate to solve the problem of and fight climate change. By changing lifestyles, recycling and not littering, we can all contribute to the fulfillment of the Global Goals for sustainable development.

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No Litter Generation was initiated as a joint initiative between World’s Children’s Prize Foundation and Keep Sweden Tidy, with funding from the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

Climate change

The sun’s rays hit the ground and turn into heat that radiates out from the Earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases stop this heat radiation from disappearing out into space...

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Facts & figures

There could already be 150 million tonnes of plastic litter in the world’s oceans. Did you know that a stranded whale in Norway had 30 plastic bags in its stomach?

How many earths do you need?

People today are living in a way that requires more resources than nature can provide. We only have one Earth, but globally we’re eating, traveling and consuming as though we had 1.7 Earths!

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No Litter Day

On No Litter Day children everywhere organize their No Litter Day. Clean up and spread the word about the importance of a cleaner, healthier environment for all children. You can arrange your No Litter Day any day of the year.


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