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Humanitarian organizations all over the world and individuals are welcome to become friends of the World's Children's Prize. 

So-called Adult Friend Organizations (AFO) show the world that they support the WCP Program’s efforts to educate and empower children as humane changemakers supporting the equal value of all people, their rights of the child, democracy and sustainable development.

Adult Friend organizations

• use the World’s Children’s Prize Program in its work with children (10-18 years old). • have a standing right to nominate Child Rights Heroes as WCP Candidates.

Application process The WCP will read your application carefully, and if necessary make further inquiries, to ensure that the WCP’s and your organization’s values, vision and mission are compatible. Part of the process is also to assess whether your organization has the financial capacity to pay a fee to become an AFO, or if the fee should be waived. (The latter is for example often the case for small non-profits working in difficult circumstances.) After your application has been processed we will inform you whether you are eligible to become an AFO, and how to proceed.

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Fill out the Adult Friend-form and we will contact you in due course. We will not share the information with anyone outside our organization and will only use it for our internal purposes.

Please fill out the form to register as an Adult Friend Organization of the World’s Children’s Prize!

The personal information we ask for, is used primarily to be able to handle your donation, to give you the correct assistance and service and be able to tell you about the results we have achieved, learn more about how we handle personal information in the Integrity Policy. Your personal information may also be used for the marketing of the WCP, and for finding new ways of communicating and interacting with you and others who want to support our work for vulnerable children. We never share your personal information with an outside party, except for those we have close cooperation with or are obliged to report to.

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