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Girls and boys have equal rights. Both boys and girls suffer violations of their rights, but the situation tends to be worse for girls. Here, you will find stories and facts about girls' situation, how you can fight for girls' equal rights and be inspired by others doing so. The WCP Program contains a special project for girls' equal rights called You Me Equal Rights. To make real change, both girls and boys as well as adults, not least decision-makers, must to join in the fight for equality.

What are girl’s rights?

All girls and boys should share the same rights and have equal opportunities to lead a decent life. But how does it really work, in practice


Dreams about an education crushed

Grâce was forced to leave school to work as a maid and shop assistant for seven years. The salary went directly to her father. Now, she wants to see change so that every girl can go to school.

About the project

The goal for You Me Equal Rights is that girls should no longer be married off early and forced to leave school, not be subjected to genital cutting, not have to do all the housework, and have the right to have their say and be listened to.

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Ornela doesn't want to be sold

Ornela was thrown out of her home, and was not allowed to have any contact with her family. Her teacher got her pregnant when she was sixteen. Old traditions excluded her from her closets family forever, and she was forced to live with and work for a distant auntie.


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