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The World’s Children’s Prize Foundation and its universal and holistic educational program educates young people on the rights of the child, democracy and global friendship, helping them become humane global citizens.

Since the year 2000 The World’s Children’s Prize Program has educated and empowered 45 million children as changemakers standing up for humanity and compassion, the rights of the child, human rights, democracy, and sustainable development. A majority of these youngsters are vulnerable children who before taking part in the WCP Program were not aware of the fact that they have rights. 

We’re behind the World’s Children’s Prize
The WCP program is run by Swedish non-profit the World’s Children’s Prize Foundation (WCPF). The WCPF receives funding from bodies including the Swedish Postcode Lottery, Forum Syd and Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), H.M. Queen Silvia’s Care About the Children Foundation, The Julia & Hans Rausing Trust and the Survé Family Foundation. The WCPF has received the highest possible rating in the annual review of non-profit organisations carried out by Charity Ratings.


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Teacher’s Survey (2013)

WCPF 2012 Annual Report

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Our impact since the World’s Children’s Prize Program started in 2000:

 • 45 million children have participated in the annual program.

 • 74,000 schools in 119 countries have signed up as Global Friend Schools. 

• We have gained the support of 820 organisations, departments of education, and other bodies 

Tens of thousands of teachers implement the WCP program annually. 

 • 55+ Child Rights Heroes have been honoured, and inspire children all over the world.    

 • The Prize money has helped to give thousands of the world’s most disadvantaged children a better life, so far through 60+ projects in 30+ countries.

 • The largest number of children participating in the Global Vote in any one year has been 7.1 million. 

Numbers are updated annually.


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