Amy portrait
Amy, United Kingdom

Amy from the UK represented children who have been separated from their parents and are cared for by society. Now, she’s ‘retired’ from the jury, and a patron of the WCP

Amy Lloyd, United Kingdom: “My mother has never really been there for me. She used to leave me on my own for days at a time. When she came home she would just say ‘What have you done?’ and beat me.

When I was 10, my mum called social services and said that if I stayed with her my life would be in danger, and that she would kill me. That day, it was time for me to leave home.

I was taken to a stranger’s house, where I just kept asking myself what I had done wrong. My mum always said everything was my fault. For a while I believed her, and blamed myself. Then I realised that it wasn’t my fault.

The only thing I have ever wished for is a proper family that loves me whatever I do, however I look, because of who I am.”


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