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Covid and Child Rights

The coronavirus is making a lot of people sick. It also affects children’s rights in a negative way. Learn how you can protect yourself and others, and demand respect for your rights in the pandemic.

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How to do it?

The coronavirus spreads when little droplets of fluid fly from your lungs, through your mouth. The droplets can land on your hands, your stuff and on other people. Therefore, it is very important to keep a healthy distance from other people. Especially to your elders and people who have other serious health problems, because they can get very sick with coronavirus/COVID-19. Children mostly only get a very mild case.

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It can be difficult to keep a distance between you and elderly family members. That’s why it is so important to wash your hands and keep a distance from friends and others outside your home.
   Just do the best you can!

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Sneeze in your elbow

Sneezing in your elbow prevents the virus from getting on your hands, on stuff and other people.

Don’t touch your face

You can catch the virus by touching your mouth, nose or eyes – spots where the virus can get into your body.

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Wash your hands often

Wet your hands, lather with soap and scrub all surfaces of the hand for 20 seconds. Rinse hands and dry.

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Wash often

Clean hands protects you and others. Wash whenever hands are dirtied and always, for example after toilet use and playing, before cooking and after doing chores, before and after eating and after playing.
    If you live somewhere with limited access to water, and where you fetch water from a communal tap or well, wash hands before and after using it.
   Can you think of other times in your daily life when you may have picked up the virus on your hands, and need to wash?

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How sick can one get?

Most people infected with coronavirus/COVID-19 only get a little sick. Like when you have a cold or the flu. Nearly everybody gets well again! typical symptoms are:
  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing

Feel sick? Stay home.

Even if you only feel a little sick you must stay home. Most people don’t need medical help to get better. If someone still gets very ill, check the rules of your clinic or hospital and act in a way that doesn’t risk giving the virus to others.

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Listen to facts

There are a lot of stories and rumours going around about coron­a­virus/COVID-19. Many of these may not be true. Some want to scare you or make you buy something. Only listen to facts!

Talk to someone you can trust

It’s normal to feel sad, stressed, worried, scared or angry. It helps to talk to someone you trust, like an older family member or a teacher. Talking about your worries can help them too. Be kind to yourself and others.

You have rights

As you stay safe during corona/COVID-19, please remember that you still have the right to protection from abuse, and the right to shelter, food, health, and education. Report any violation of your rights through the police toll-free numbers, or seek help from a person you trust.

Illsutration of coronavirus

Coronaviruset orsakar den nya sjukdomen Covid-19.

What’s it look like?

You can’t see the coronavirus with your own eyes. if you look through a magnifying microscope it looks like this!


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