Jury member Emma Mogus
Emma, Canada

Emma represented children who fight for equal rights for all children, especially children from indigenous groups. Now she is an Honorary Adult Friend.

”When I was twelve I was saddened to learn that Aboriginal youth were deprived of the same education rights as other children in my country, Canada. Native students living on reserves receive lower levels of funding from our Government than the provinces and territories do for non-native students. At the age of twelve I under-stood that every child's right to education on an equal footing was being viola-ted in my own country.
   “In 2012 I co-founded Books With No Bounds alongside my sister Julia, to pro-vide indigenous children living on remote reserves with education resour-ces. Our mission began with only a few hundred books, and today we have provided over a hundred thousand books, school supplies, food, clothing and computers and tablets to indigenous children.
   “My mission is about equality, fairness and improving the lives of my brothers and sisters so that they are afforded the same rights and opportunities to succeed in school and in life. Education is our basic and absolute right and it is critical in the development of every child’s potential. We have fought for the rights for our friends through annual walks and letter writing campaigns to our Government.”

Expensive water
“During a trip to an isolated fly-in only reserve in northern Ontario, I was shocked to learn they did not have access to clean water and the cost of buying water in this community was 180 per-cent greater than what I would pay at my local grocery store.
   “Aboriginal children in Canada have a long history of discrimination and prejudice and have the highest rates of suicide in the world. This is a dark chapter in the history of my country, and I fear that the conditions of Aboriginal children in Canada today will continue to fuel this legacy. “My mission as a child rights activist is about fairness, equality and improving the lives of children.”


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