Mofat outside his children's home
Mofat, Kenya

Mofat represented children who are HIV positive and children who live on the street. Now he is an Honorary Adult Friend.

This is what Mofat said when he was on the jury:

”I want to talk to the President of Kenya and tell him that life is hard for children, just like Nkosi Johnson did when he talked to the President of South Africa, said Mofat Maninga in Kenya, when he was 14 years old.

"I want to tell him that his policemen beat children who live on the street and put them in prison. In prison! How can you lock a child up because he or she is forced to live on the street? How can you steal a child’s freedom?! I would tell the President that he should take care of the children instead. Give them a place to live, something to eat and the chance to go to school."

Mofat grew up with his mother’s family. His mother was a nurse and they always had enough to eat. Life was good. But when Mofat was 8, his mother died of AIDS.
”My grandmother had taken care of her, and to protect me she hadn’t told me how ill my mother was. It came as a shock. I felt so alone.”

A couple of years later, Mofat also became ill. His grandmother took care of him, but when she died, the rest of the family kicked him out of the house. Mofat was 13 years old and had to live on the street. But today Mofat lives at a home for street children and goes to school again.

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