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DecideAndAct is a new partner supporting World’s Children’s Prize Foundation as a way to fulfilling its mission to be an active participant in global humanist efforts.

World’s Children’s Prize Foundation’s new partner DecideAndAct (d&a) aims to support sustainability, peace and diversity all whilst safeguarding the beauty and refinery of Swiss expertise. DecideAndAct is a Swiss watchmaker that has spent the past two years researching and developing a watch that puts sustainability at the forefront.

They call their line of watches Ambassador of Change and describe it as ”the responsible Swiss watch supporting changemakers for the benefit of a better world. The watch is Swiss-made, responsibly and ethically sourced and crafted with a steel case of recycled materials and a vegan strap.

DecideAndAct is committed to driving change.

In this partnership, d&a vill support two World’s Children’s Prize Projects:

Children as changemakers for girls’ rights and wildlife rights

In and around the National Parks Limpopo in Mozambique and Gonarezhou in Zimbabwe children and wildlife are threatened by violations of their rights, wildlife crimes, and climate change. The project educates and empowers children on their rights - with a focus on girls’ equal rights - and on the consequences of poaching so that they can be changemakers for rights and sustainable development in their community.

Children’s Rights under Dictatorship

Children in the Karen state of Myanmar/Burma are once more living under a cruel military dictatorship. Their villages and schools are attacked, bombed and burnt down. The children often have to escape to the forest. The project trains children on the rights of the child - with a special focus on girls' equal rights - and democracy, thereby preparing the children to be changemakers promoting these values.


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